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Bruno Cointepas

Bruno Cointepas

Strategy | Change | Operations | Project | Management

Entrepreneur Available
Born in Paris, France, I built my reputation for strong customer focus, reliability and flawless delivery during the course of my 30+ years of global operational experience.

My expertise covers the fields of employee development, organizational change, operations and management consulting in the hospitality, oil & gas/energy and engineering industries, across the globe.

A graduate of the world renowned Swiss Lausanne Hospitality Management School, I held various Human Resources, large project management, operational, reorganization and Leadership roles for Fortune 100 and large multinationals.

Over a decade of working for Royal Dutch Shell, I became a recognized subject matter expert in the field of L&D operations, learning facilities and services design as well as the design and delivery of large corporate events.
My expertise lies as much with the “how” as the “what” in these areas.

Jeroen van der Veer, former CEO of Royal Dutch Shell describes me as “an on the ball organizer and multi-tasker who combines Dutch efficiency and Latin charm” ...
Company Description
We are a technology company based in Switzerland, specialising in the real estate industry.

We see technology as enabling the responsible use of assets and people, the creation of communities, improving the way space is used, increasing flexibility, enhancing productivity while reducing costs and environmental impact.

The company was conceived and incubated at ABB HQ in Zurich, to overcome industry limitations when blending real estate with user’s processes and technology.
Over the past 15 years, we have developed and deployed our proprietary Building Operating System and solutions, which are based on the following:

Integrating building functions, such as access control, signage, HVAC, AV equipment, etc. with enterprise systems, such as calendars, emails.

Space sharing
Putting idle space to profitable use, flexibly and economically.

Integrated Services
Integrating security, facility management, reception, visitor management, catering, transport etc. into a single platform for ease of communication and management.

The upshot is that we are now able to treat Buildings as an app.

As we are able to do more for less, typically at 40% of the cost of competitors, our own business strategy follows the classic Disruption Model of Clayton Christensen, starting with daycrunch Workplaces on Demand that puts idle space to use on a pop-up basis.

Company Description
Providing external and objective advice, "best practices" and access to L&D - Learning & Development, Hospitality, Operations and Projects Management expertise.

Supporting strategy development, facilities & operations design and organizational change management.
Company Description
Nequivi supports professionals and organizations to improve the effectiveness of their learning delivery in line with their business objectives:

• improve operations effectiveness
• conceptualize, design, build and/or remodel Learning facilities
• audit, design and set-up processes for effective L&D operations

The learning processes we co-create always aim at the development of individuals and organization’s effectiveness and leadership.
Company Description
Entered into a partnership with Lise Timmer to assist her professionalize and further develop her initial and proprietary Chefs' network concept.

Developed an overall strategy, clear potential markets segments, acquisitions and services processes, a website concept, business terms and conditions, contracts and legal documents as well as communication, social media and operating strategies.

The partnership stopped due to diverging views on the overall strategy and day to day operations.
Company Description
et-up a partnership with Paul Rijfkogel, a former Shell Real Estate colleague, with the aim to leverage our respective skills sets to promote the Conceptual Design approach to project management, designing facilities and services through the eye of the end user.

The aim was to assist organizations, project developers and architects with the design of effective concepts that enhanced both customers and employees’ positive experiences while minimizing both future operational burden and cost.
Applying this approach right from the beginning of a project helps maximize return on investment; save on development time and cost and maximize turnover.

Key projects:

. Design of the new "Conferences & Meetings Centre" and restaurant concepts - New Babylon - The Hague, The Netherlands
. Redesign of the new "Visitors Centre" - Hoge Veluwe National Park, The Netherlands.

The partnership stopped when Paul decided to set-up his own business offering similar services.
  • DG - "Directeur Général", initially as an interim management role.

    Universo Bois was a B2B key player on the French market for (wooden) garden products with a turnover of circa € 20M per year.

    Initially hired to improve operations, develop & implement a new commercial strategy for the French market and to create stronger communication lines between the French company and the Dutch mother company.

    Following the company owner's decision to stop its activities, had to both operationally and legally close down the business in France. A whole experience in itself...

Behavior Change Programme Optimization

Energy sector - Private consulting firm
April 2014 to May 2014
The Hague
  • Assisted a private Cyprus based Leadership Development and Talent Management Consulting Firm exclusively focused on the Middle East & Levant energy sector.
  • Worked on a Saudi organization's Leader Role Modeling Behavior programme further potential roll-out and operationalization.
    Referred professional coaches and set-up an internal operational model.

Training Operations & Services Audit

Compass Group
February 2014 to March 2014
  • Onsite project to assess ESS & Shell Gabon's Hospitality and Facility Management's Training operations and services in the greater Gamba area in Gabon.
  • Assessed both ESS & Shell's HFM Training strategy and formulated recommendations on how ESS & Shell's HFM could jointly further structure and roll-out Training initiatives at short, medium and longer term.
Company Description
Hired by Joe Hogan (CEO) and ABB's Excom to develop the concept and lead the project to design a new 10,000 m2 "Learning Factory" Corporate Learning Center concept at the Group's headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

Starting from a blank sheet of paper, the project included the transformation of an old industrial factory from the 30's into a CHF 70M state of the art Learning Center and technology show-case facility.

Operations Audit

Antropia, Cultuur- en Congrescentrum
June 2011 to July 2011
  • Operations audit to detail and analyze current operational processes in order to, at a later stage, introduce new operating procedures aiming towards a more professional operation.
  • Carried out a full audit of the operational processes in place and also assess the capability of the organization, per department, in line with a potential upgrading of the current operations as well as future broader plans for development.
  • Member of the EP-LLD Leadership Team in charge of building the capabilities required to deliver Shell's Upstream Business plan by providing effective learning opportunities for developing over 19’000 Shell E&P and JVs employees’ technical skills, globally (> $ 200 million budget yearly)
  • Focal point for the Asia region in close partnership with the dedicated regional Learning Manager
  • Led a team of > 35 events facilitators in charge of delivering over 625 business & technical Learning programmes per year as well as over 125 Business & Corporate events, globally
  • Accountable for the utilization and operational effectiveness of the Shell EP Corporate Learning Centre (capacity of > 350 students/day) in Rijswijk (The Netherlands), including facilities, residential accommodation, IT as well as cleaning and maintenance services
  • Global project to streamline the delivery of Learning Events Management services throughout RDS.
    Simplify, standardise and leverage investment made in global learning systems and HR Services Delivery Model; i.e. improve effectiveness & efficiency, reduce cost, deliver overall process improvement
  • A global network of learning professionals providing non technical Leadership and Business Improvement programmes across the Shell Group
  • Member of the Leadership Team
  • In charge of setting up and leading the global Learning Delivery Services structure and resources across 5 regional offices in the US, UK, The Netherlands, Malaysia and Australia
  • Direct line management responsibility for > 35 learning coordinators in The Netherlands and indirectly for all regional teams through their respective local leaders
  • Led the project to conceptualise, design, start-up and operate the new Corporate Learning Centre and Residential Accommodation Building (a > € 20 million project) at the Shell Group's Headquarters in The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Coach the Manager (now Group CIO)
    Manage & facilitate the Leadership Team (13 Senior Executives) regular face to face and virtual Team meetings
    Roll-out Change & Communication initiatives
    Design & deliver global Learning Conferences
  • A global internal group of change agents created by Shell’s Committee of Managing Directors (CMD) and charged with helping the company overhaul its corporate culture and improve bottom-line business performance
  • Accountable for the P&L and operations of the dedicated Shell Leadership Learning Centre
  • Organised and delivered the bi-yearly Group’s Senior Leadership events (up to 600 attendees & budget up to $8 million per event)
  • Managed and strengthened the LEAP operations support by implementing a “pool of resources” concept to deploy skills and expenditure more efficiently

Founder & Manager

HRotel - Hospitality HR Management Services
January 1994 to January 1998
Company Description
Recruit and train employees for new and existing properties in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines)
Design and deliver development programmes for independent and privately run properties throughout the Southeast Asia region
Lead adventure based experiential learning activities at the “Outdoor Centre” in Nadrin (Belgium)
Lecture at the International Hotel Management School - The Hague (The Netherlands)

Corporate Training Manager - "Exclusive Hotels of The World"

Forte Hotels Plc.
January 1993 to January 1994
United Kingdom
  • Contributed to the recentralization of employees’ training and development programmes for Forte’s “Exclusive Hotels of The World” portfolio - 13 properties in 9 different countries
  • Facilitated workshops for the introduction of the group’s global customer loyalty programme
  • Manage Disney's Senior US and EU Managers' expatriation & relocation during both pre- and post-opening phases of the project
    Train & deliver programmes at the Disney University
  • A 400 room, four stars business only hotel with over 450 full-time employees
  • Member of the Executive Committee, successfully led a team of 17 employees, covering the whole HR function: Personnel & Training, “Saudisation” programme, Catering, Housing, Transport and Welfare; leading to the “Hyatt E.A.M.E. Hotels - Best HR Operation Award” in 1990
  • In charge of the delivery and effectiveness of the company’s “Training For you Future” employees development program
  • Reorganized and developed the departmental training structure through the delivery of Train The Trainer programmes
  • Motivated staff throughout the distressing period of the 1990-1991 first Gulf-War when the US Army Command used the hotel as their operations base and military communications centre