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Bruno Cointepas

Bruno Cointepas

Strategy | Change | Operations | Project | Management

Entrepreneur Available
Born in Paris, France, I built my reputation for strong customer focus, reliability and flawless delivery during the course of my 30+ years of global operational experience.

My expertise covers the fields of employee development, organizational change, operations and management consulting in the hospitality, oil & gas/energy and engineering industries, across the globe.

A graduate of the world renowned Swiss Lausanne Hospitality Management School, I held various Human Resources, large project management, operational, reorganization and Leadership roles for Fortune 100 and large multinationals.

Over a decade of working for Royal Dutch Shell, I became a recognized subject matter expert in the field of L&D operations, learning facilities and services design as well as the design and delivery of large corporate events.
My expertise lies as much with the “how” as the “what” in these areas.

Jeroen van der Veer, former CEO of Royal Dutch Shell describes me as “an on the ball organizer and multi-tasker who combines Dutch efficiency and Latin charm” ...
Company Description
We are a technology company based in Switzerland, specialising in the real estate industry.

We see technology as enabling the responsible use of assets and people, the creation of communities, improving the way space is used, increasing flexibility, enhancing productivity while reducing costs and environmental impact.

The company was conceived and incubated at ABB HQ in Zurich, to overcome industry limitations when blending real estate with user’s processes and technology.
Over the past 15 years, we have developed and deployed our proprietary Building Operating System and solutions, which are based on the following:

Integrating building functions, such as access control, signage, HVAC, AV equipment, etc. with enterprise systems, such as calendars, emails.

Space sharing
Putting idle space to profitable use, flexibly and economically.

Integrated Services
Integrating security, facility management, reception, visitor management, catering, transport etc. into a single platform for ease of communication and management.

The upshot is that we are now able to treat Buildings as an app.

As we are able to do more for less, typically at 40% of the cost of competitors, our own business strategy follows the classic Disruption Model of Clayton Christensen, starting with daycrunch Workplaces on Demand that puts idle space to use on a pop-up basis.