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Bruno Cointepas

Aligning Strategy & Operations - Facilities & Services

Bruno Cointepas
58 years old
Professional Status
About Me
Born in Paris, France, I built my reputation for strong customer focus, reliability and flawless delivery during the course of my 35+ years of global operational experience.

My expertise covers the fields of employee development, organizational change, operations and management consulting in the hospitality, oil & gas/energy and engineering industries, across the globe.

An alumnus of the world's best Hospitality University, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (Switzerland), I held various Human Resources, large project management, operational, reorganization and Leadership roles for Fortune 100 and large multinational companies.

Over a decade of working for Royal Dutch Shell, I became a recognized subject matter expert in the field of L&D operations, learning facilities and services design as well as the design and delivery of large corporate events.
My expertise lies as much with the “how” as the “what” in these areas.

Jeroen van der Veer, former CEO of Royal Dutch Shell describes me as “an on the ball organizer and multi-tasker who combines Dutch efficiency and Latin charm”.

I assist professionals and organizations to align their strategic objectives with their operations.
I leverage my operational expertise to develop interventions and targeted solutions to increase effectiveness.
  • If smart is not enough.
    Performance Buildings offer one-stop 360° building management by extending smart technologies with space sharing and additional integrated services.

    Performance Buildings develop and implement digital solutions for automated building operation.
    We target office buildings, serviced offices and apartments, co-working spaces, meeting & conference rooms and hotels.

    We offer modular and tailor-made automation concepts based on our pb3 platform :
    . engaging co-working spaces
    . automated serviced offices
    . intelligent room-sharing solutions
    . flexible units of space for rent
    . attractive tenant mix ranging from 1–2 people, start-ups and SMBs to established enterprises
    . additional services at no extra costs powered by digital innovation